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A multi-disciplinary performance combining solo piano, animation, dance and installation art

Followspot tells the story of a lonely, outcast stagehand, working as a follow spot operator in a megalomaniacal production at the National Theatre.

His monotonous routine is shattered one night, when one of the show's dancers stumbles on stage and he instinctively turns the follow spot on her, leading to her gradually becoming his heart's obsession.

An intimate story that serves as a political allegory of a decadent cultural society in which whoever is outside the spotlight becomes transparent, meaningless and non-existent.

Things take a turn when the followspot not only reveals and caresses, but also captures and burns. It diverts the spotlight from the "content" to the image, as the spotlight itself, and not what it illuminates, takes center stage.

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About The Creators 

אהרון לוין.jpg

Aharon Levin

Independent artist, director and playwright. Born in 1980, Aharon studied literature and Jewish Philosophy at Tel  Aviv University. Aharon writes and directs for theatre, film and music videos. Won the first prize in the Acco Festival of Alternative Theatre for his play "Pfffffff".

His work "A Man Stands behind a Seated Woman", performed at Habima, the National Theatre of Israel as well as in the Cameri Theatre. Other works Aharon wrote and directed- "Love and Knowledge" (short film 2016) "The Little Mole" (musical play for children 2015) "Under The Blue Skies" (satirical play 2006). Currently living in Berlin, Aharon just finished writing a new children’s play and is about to finish his first feature screenplay, an adaptation of the play by Hanoch Levin “The walkers in the dark”. 

Itamar Gross

Pianist, composer, musical director and music producer.

Over the years Itamar has composed music for theater, film and dance performances, alongside his work as a musical director and orchestrator in a wide range of independent and repertory stage productions of various performing arts. Itamar has collaborated with major musical institutions and artists, including The Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra and the Israel Jazz Orchestra. He Holds a bachelor's degree in music from the Ono Academic College.

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שחף רם .jpg

Shahaf Ram

Animator, animation director, concept artist. Born in 1988. Shahaf studied and graduated with honors from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem.

His graduation film "This is How it Starts" won top prizes at several festivals: Animics festival (Tel Aviv), Ottawa International Animation Festival (Canada) Anima Mundi (Brazil) Monstra (Lisbon) .After graduation, Shahaf created art and video clips for top Israeli musicians, showcased in several exhibitions around the world, created animation for theater plays, and continues to create and produce his independent art and films. In 2019 he won the Gross Prize at the Asif festival, awarded for an Israeli independent animator who has shown excellence over time. 

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